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Recent content by tm

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    Century refit

    Are there any pictures of her with the new balconeys? How drastic of a change was it? Thanks tm
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    Celebrity Ship Captain Dismissed

    This is quite an unfortunate incident. I saw this on the local news here and I was shocked. This is not the type of PR that any industry needs especially one suffering from all of the PR problems that the Cruise Industry is. Hope this does not happen again. TM
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    Fire on Star Princess

    Sorry, I am a little bit confused. Where is it that Star Princess is going? Why did she leave freeport? Are they not able to complete the repairs? Thanks, tm
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    RCCL order once again world largest cruiseship

    I am amazed at the timing of this press release. It seems to me that it would make more sense to annonce such a large project during the inaugural cellebration abord the Freedom of the Seas. Isn't that ship supposed to start service in April? Strange timming. Does anyone know if Carnival is...
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    Cirque du Soleil to return to Constellation

    I had heard that the observation lounges were comprimised with this preformance. That used to be one nice thing on the M class ships was the unbeatable bow view.
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    Celebrity New Build

    Thank you for the replys. I thought that they were a little further along in the design process. TM
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    Celebrity New Build

    Has there been any new information on the two new ships that Celebrity is planning on building? It seems that they have been suspiciously quiet on releasing details. Is there a photo? Thanks TM
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    USA-Cruising from your home port

    This sure is a great site. I had no idea there were still 2 cruises still to depart from seattle!
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    OMG...what a weekend!!

    My account is now working. :joy: :joy: It has been weird without kroooz-forums for the past few weeks. It is nice to be back! TM