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    A small boy drowns on NCL Breakaway

    Lately so many cruise news are about accidents 4 Year-Old Boy Drowns on NCL Ship, Second Kid Airlifted • CruiseNewser A small boy drowned in the NCL Breakaway main pool, another kid almost died (was revived by crew members and flown to a hospital) - same ship, same pool, same time. It is so...
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    Anthem of the seas deck plans

    Hi there, cruising talkers! :eek: See this link for the newest Royal Caribbean Anthem cruise ship deck plans here Anthem of the Seas Deck Plan The location of Anthem of the seas cabins and facilities (bars, restaurants, etc) is known, but the names of some of them are not yet announced ("more to...
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    Royal Caribbean drinks prices

    Well, it's about the cost of drinks on Royal Caribbean - drinks prices, what drinks are free and the Royal Caribbean's new alcohol policy 2013 (now they allow two bottles of wine per cabin).
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    a second Carnival ship to Alaska in 2014

    lol, sorry, guys, my mistake with the title! Not Alaska - Australia!:mad: I was thinking of the Spirit's ex cruiseso_O and I don't know how to edit the so wrong title!:arghh:
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    a second Carnival ship to Alaska in 2014

    the Carnival cruise ship Legend with itinerary change (shipcruise.org) the Legend's 2014 cruise schedule will feature Australia (and probably Hawaii-Mexico cruises) - the ship will be relocated to the Pacific in 2014 (starting on September 24) to operate 8-12 day South Pacific Islands cruises...
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    the "never built" Carnival future ship!

    at shipcruise they have a video of the Carnival Pinnacle Fincantieri ship (see here) the Carnival largest "cruise ship to be" Carnival Pinnacle is a 2004 ship building project of the Fincantieri company, but all plans are currently in limbo - Royal Caribbean built Oasis and Allure and Carnival...
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    the two NCL newest cruise ships itineraries

    these are the itineraries of the NCL newest ships 2013 and 2014, at these links you can also see the sailing routes and ports of call times: new ship 2013, leaving from NYC New York - NCL Breakaway itinerary - 2 night cruise to Nowhere, 7day to Bermuda, 7day to Florida and Bahamas, 12day NYC to...
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    the haunted Queen Mary of Long Beach CA

    I personally don't like ghost stories, but this is a most special case - the Queen Mary haunted ship in California with the most popular haunted stories in the USA. And an amazing ghosty photo of the ship at dusk! So spooky!:arghh: I also like the sneakers suggestion at the end:)
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    they found what busted the Crown Princess toilet system

    towel, beer bottle and a banana o_O caused the toilet issue on the Crown Princess cruise ship (link) Princess Cruises Crown itinerary from Galveston TX (departing April 6) was marked by a nasty incident - on April 11 she experienced a problem within the vacuumtoilet system that affected 410 of...
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    a little boy nearly drowned on Fantasy

    a 4-year old kid nearly drowned at one of the onboard swimming pools - this Disney Fantasy cruise incident happened while the ship was in port and about to set sail on a 7-night Caribbean itinerary from Port Canaveral
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    Weapons on a cruise ship

    speaking of ships and weapons, read this about the UK's future QE2 class aircraft carrier (naturally, QE2 stands for "Queen Elizabeth 2"). Well, what I like best there is 1) its cost to build (over US$5,5 bill), 2) this carrier has the world's most powerful gas turbine ever installed on ship -...
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    Taking drinks on board at Southampton.

    since November 2012, RCCL has a new wine policy - now you can bring 2 bottles of wine (or champagne) on board their ships (the allowance is per cabin). Taking your own liquor on Royal Caribbean cruise is still a bad thing to do - they don't allow it:(
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    Adonia passengers shot and robbed in Barbados

    P&O Adonia World cruise passenger incident - an elderly couple (P&O Adonia ship passengers) was shot and robbed on March 17 while the ship was docked in Barbados (a port of call on its world cruise itinerary) - the couple is alive.
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    P&O Ventura is sailing at reduced speed

    A propeller problem caused the P and O cruise ship Ventura to reduce sailing speed on its Transatlantic cruise to England from Barbados. All P&O Ventura ship cruises for 2013 as itinerary and schedule (all departure dates plus a scheduled dry-dock in Southampton) remain unchanged. The most...
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    ms Marco Polo ship incident March 2013

    on March 10 2013 the Marco Polo cruise ship ran aground in Norway on its Norwegian Fjord itinerary Amsterdam to London. She struck an unchartered rock near the port of Sortland (Norway), but obviously all is OK since the Marco Polo ship 2013-2014 itinerary program remains unchanged. The ship...