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Recent content by spieler45

  1. spieler45

    Moving Forward

    Hi, I got an email today that said you might need some help here at the forums. I'm in! :)
  2. spieler45

    Disabled Traveller Advice

    I often hear about (online or on tv) guide dogs being rejected at places here and there and it always raises a stink. What's interesting to me is I've worked in the customer service industry for a very long time and I have NEVER seen a person (in real life) with a guide dog. I would love the...
  3. spieler45

    Smoking on the ships?

    Easy, just like on the rest of the planet. Set certain areas up for the smokers and the non smokers. That's the way it has always been I think. And I would have a problem maybe if I were out at sea for days and not allowed to have a smoke, lol!
  4. spieler45

    How do you rate the food on Carnival ?

    Seafood definately. I love to eat on the hordervs too! In fact I could just have a meal of appetizers. I also would opt for the late night supper if you are finding that you do not like the formal suppers that are being served.
  5. spieler45

    Another new ship confirmed for Carnival

    I just want some tickets! lol Oh the thought of nearly four thousand people is taking away my thrill again.
  6. spieler45

    If you were taxed $50 a head to cruise Alaska, would you still go?

    Sure I'd pay it but I don't like them to know I'd pay it lol. They should offer a lifetime rate for this taxation. Some parks have lifetime memberships and some sell one day fees. I think they should do that with the Alaska cruise.
  7. spieler45

    Celebrity Cancels Dec. 10 Millennium Cruise

    I could not have made this cruise anyway as it was my friends birthday. Coincidentally I did ask my friend if they would like to go on a cruise and they said they are afraid to take one on a big ship and out in the deep ocean. Maybe talk them into it for a future cruise when they are ready...
  8. spieler45

    Cruise Times?

    My friends are going to take a Disney cruise but they are only going to do it for like a day. They are going to spend most of their time at the theme parks, so they say. I think they would be wise to book a longer cruise because they are going to enjoy it more than they think.
  9. spieler45

    Internet facilities and costs for DCL ships

    I guess this is good information to have but I sincerely HOPE that I will not be needing to make any internet contact while I am trying to enjoy the cruise.
  10. spieler45

    Carnival Christmas sale offers now released

    I'm definately going to jump on the bandwagon next year for a Christmas cruise. I almost made a ticker for it but it is too soon for that. I think this would be the perfect gift for myself!