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Recent content by sidari

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    Newbuild announcement for Costa Crociere in the Autumn, 2012

    Could it be a replacement for Costa Concordia or Costa Allegra (both of which have no chance of returning to service) A bit like all those who proclaimed that the Concordia could never be refloated!
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    Costa Concordia aground!

    It seems that the Judge has released Captain Schettino from house arrest this week, he has been told he must not leave the town where he lives. Details of the black box should be releasedin the next week or two but at least one American based news media is already claiming that there is no...
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    Server Move Complete

    Happy New Server Brent .... :biggrinbounce2:
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    Whats Happened To CT ???

    Brent .. thanks for the reply.
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    Whats Happened To CT ???

    How come i cannot get on during the daytime ?
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    Helsingborg and Elsinore -Twin cities in two countries begin cruising partnership

    Just 45 minutes to the south, the Little Mermaid waits to welcome the cruise ships to vibrant Copenhagen. And the statue is Little!
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    Hi from Helsingborg in Sweden

    Hello Mikael .... Welcome to the site, i hope you find what you need from it. My friends live in Sweden in a place called Grillby(BBQ Village) about one hour drive North West of Stockholm. One of them teaches Firefighting where he works at Arlanda airport. We have visited them on two occasions...
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    Hello from Denmark

    Danish girl .... Yes we did like Copenhagen and the boat trip on the canals before we had to head to the airport for our flight home.
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    Costa Concordia aground!

    Earlier today the crane lifted one of the roof sections of the Magnadome from the seabed onto the barge. www.lastsalute.eu
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    Hello from Denmark

    Danish Girl ... which part of Denmark are you from? we have been to Copenhagen a few years ago for a cruise to Norway with RCI Vision of the seas.
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    Hello from Denmark

    Hello Danish Girl .... The Fascinosa looks like a really nice ship, it was in Venice for the hand over when we were there on the 5th of May during our 2 week cruise, we have onlt been on one costa ship and hope that you enjoy your cruise.
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    Will Passengers want to sail on the newest ship?

    An Old story! .... The Fascinosa was in Venice on the 5th of May for the handover when we were there in the middle of our B2B on NCL Jade.
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    Whats Happened To CT ???

    Kathy ... Hope you are better soon.
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    Costa Concordia aground!

    One thing that stands out is the course the ship had planned to take! not the one claimed by the Media but the same one almost that the ship had taken on a previous saillby. The one which Costa officials were very quick to claim they did not authorise! there will be a few Costa managers heads...
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    Liverpool's new cruise terminal for turnarounds construction started

    The people who run Southampton are clearly worried by Liverpool! and need to grow a backbone.