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  1. sfcruiser


    I will never sail on Oceania again - my one experience will be enough. Of my hundreds of nights on board cruise ships, never have I been treated so rudely as I was on board the Oceania Regatta this last summer. Plus, I was insulted by their drink prices and also by how they love to nickel and...
  2. sfcruiser

    What is on your cruise wish list?

    All ports of call are a kick...some are more exciting than others!
  3. sfcruiser

    New Here

    Welcome aboard!! We're here to assist all of you with your cruising questions!
  4. sfcruiser

    mv ' Voyager ' breaks down !

    What a shame! Sounds like some bad timing for those passengers!
  5. sfcruiser

    Hello! We've enjoyed many cruises over the years; and, hopefully many more in the near future -...

    Hello! We've enjoyed many cruises over the years; and, hopefully many more in the near future - while we can still carry our bags!
  6. sfcruiser

    Sydney restaurants

    Hello Everyone, And, a Happy New Year to All! We are boarding the Seabourn Quest in a couple of days in FLL; and, eventually our cruise will conclude in Sydney, Australia....We have visited that great city a few times prior on cruise ships...however, this will be our first time to disembark...
  7. sfcruiser

    If you could talk to the ship designers, what would you ask them to do?

    Large cabin size is important to us. We also appreciate bathrooms with double sinks plus seperate showers and tubs. Shower nozzles in bathtubs are a great addition.
  8. sfcruiser

    Has Anyone Had a Cruise on Any of Their Ships Lately?

    I've sailed about five hundred nights on Regent ships - my first cruise with them was on the Radisson Diamond ten or so years ago. I guess you could say that I've enjoyed the experiences on them over the years since I continue to return (my last cruise was a couple months ago - sailing with...
  9. sfcruiser


    When we moored in Gambia in 2010, a friend and myself got off ship, found a cab with a driver who spoke English, agreed on a price, and had him take us to a couple of fishing villages. There were no other "tourists" in site; and did some great shopping and sightseeing, and returned to the ship...
  10. sfcruiser

    Crystal expands The Bistro to evening hours

    Ahh, The Bistro! The cold cuts and cheeses are always quite impressive; however, the best part of the "food spread", to me, is the cup cakes in the dessert section!! Some of the best ever! The Bistro has always been open late - however, I guess without the food presentation...until now?