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Recent content by robyn

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    Tahitian Princess

    EXCELLENT idea Terry :joy: :joy: I'm sure you will find a way to do it! Then you can cruise from Oz to NZ & keep on going :D Let me know when you are booked!!!!!! ;)
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    Tahitian Princess

    Hi John....my advice...just DO it! I haven't done the Hawaii to Tahiti itinerary, but have certainly been aboard Tahitian Princess for a 10 day trip around PARADISE in 2004! :joy: :joy: Bora Bora, Raiatea & Moorea are fantastic ports....and TP is a wonderful, small, intimate ship....just...
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    Happy Birthday, Ro Lordi!

    RoLordi...with all the fuss....I forgot to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY :joy: :joy: Hope it was a good one! :D
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    LEESRE sails on Oriana July 9th

    Welcome home Rex & Leeta! Thanks for your report. Agree that AURORA is the ship! As regards the Conservatory aboard Oriana, must admit that was a little bit of a disappointment to me in Feb this year....but they redeemed themselves with the great 'Grill' evening outdoors under the stars, just...
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    Pictures of cruiseships.

    I'll sign on for a free tour Keith! After all, I am a Gondoliere...so water or thereabouts :roll: is my natural habitat! Ummmm....I need to book a ticket don't I...when & where????;) PS...as usual...Erick...fantastic photos!!!! :clap: :clap:
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    Pacific Princess ..Exotic Cruising

    Thanks David :clap: :clap: That's the best capture of Shanghai I've seen yet!
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    Where's Princess's Carribean program for UK

    Hi Russell & another hearty welcome to the forum from Australia!!! But, you can also add me to your list of the 'have nots' :duh: :duh: While Princess 'seem' to have a presence 'down under' it is not strictly true....it is an agency via P&O Oz who I refuse to book with again. However.....I...
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    Pacific Princess ..Exotic Cruising

    Thanks David....don't have PP's current itinerary :shock: Must admit, Taiwan wouldn't do much for me as a port, but I'd be sorry to miss Pusan.
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    Pacific Princess ..Exotic Cruising

    Interesting...just checked the HK weather and the only 'warning' is for SEVERE HOT WEATHER tomorrow. Mind you, it is 32C there at the moment(1pm in HK):shock: ...I'd :luv: some of that weather today! No cyclone warning...Typhoon Kaemi seems to be heading towards Taiwan. Robyn (huddled over the...
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    Cruise DJ sails on Artemis July 18th

    Land ho CruiseDJ!!!! :joy: Artemis is southwest of La Ciotat (Provence coast) :D
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    Pacific Princess ..Exotic Cruising

    David, was just checking the PP cam and noticed it was in HK. Had no idea there was a typhoon up that way :shock: ....hope HK harbour will be relatively safe for them. Better watch the news this evening. BTW was the $40,000 American, Hong Kong,Aussie or NZ dollars?....lotta money in whatever...
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    Manuela sails on Grandeur of the Seas, Friday, July 21

    Great capture Maria! :clap: :clap: :clap: Hope Manuela is having a fabulous time :D
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    Dutch Harbor

    Bridge is up! Everyone must be going for a 'twilight sail'
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    CharlieW - Celebrity Constellation - Scandinavia/Russia - June 3 - 17

    Charlie thank you for the terrific report,:clap: :clap: really enjoyed reading it. We KNEW you were having a great time, thanks for all your updates along the way :D. Seems hard to go wrong with a Baltic cruise? Except of course the damage to your wallet...and I'm talking about the Martini...
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    LEESRE sails on Oriana July 9th

    Welcome home Rex & Leta, glad to hear you had a great cruise :joy: Hope post-cruise depression hasn't set in too much and look forward to hearing all about it. :D