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Recent content by paula

  1. paula


    i wanted to say hello to all the members of this new community, i've only just discovered it but it looks very complete and i'm sure that many will enjoy sharing their cruising experiences here!
  2. paula

    One good thing about europe

    yes i agree, i live in Spain but even myself never have enough when it comes to visiting all these beautiful towns that can be found in europe and all the different landscapes
  3. paula


    I realy loved waking up one morning to see that we were approaching Dakar, i found it terribly exciting to see the land grow closer and closer like that while i was having breakfast.And discovering the african continent taht i had never travelled to before
  4. paula

    How many cruises have you done so far?

    This was my first but i realy hope that it won't be my last, it will stay one of my most beautiful experiences and i'd recommend it to anyone realy. It's the kind of pleasure who motivates me in putting money asside
  5. paula

    Satisfaction chart

    It was great! i loved every part of it and whenever i can save up the amount again i'll be tempted in giving it a seocnd go for sure!
  6. paula

    your favorite room

    what was your favorite room on the cruise ship? I loved the restaurant who realy realy was beautiful. everytime we went for a meal it felt like we were in another world and that we were from a different social class!:D They make you feel so special!
  7. paula

    Did you respect your budget

    Did you respect your budget during your cruise(s)? We went over by 1500 dollars :o , it's just that once aboard there's so much to do, far more than you had planned and you end up doing things that you didn't imagine you would!:D
  8. paula

    Learning to dance

    I didn't know that you could learn how to dance during a cruise but with my husband we learned how to dance the fox trot. My husband wouldn't of ever accepted to do this is our everyday life but the cruises' charm had a magical effect on him , he was open to all new experiences and i thank the...
  9. paula

    the aroma therapy

    For the very first time i tried an aroma therapy massage and it was great, i'd recommend it to anyone. You have the choice between the 50mn and 90 mn one, i picked the 50 minute one but actualy could of done the 90 min without any problems!:D
  10. paula

    what's your nationality

    While crusing on the Queen elizabeth2 i heard that 80% of the costumers were americans. I'm spanish for example so are part of the 20%of remaining passengers. Where are you from?