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Recent content by OceanBreeze13

  1. OceanBreeze13

    What are your top 10 best reasons to take a cruise?

    My ten reasons would be: 1)I love the water, so what better way to vacation then in the biggest body of water available. 2)So many fun activities on board. 3)One stop-shop vacation sort of speak. You can do and see everything without having to leave the cruise. 4)Food, food and more food...
  2. OceanBreeze13

    Do you feel that drinks, especially alcoholic ones, are expensive on cruise ships?

    Who needs drinks when you've got all that free food. Well I guess a nice margarita or some bubbly would be nice here and there. But if prices are as steep as you say, I'll stick to tea and water. Thank you.
  3. OceanBreeze13

    Is there such thing as a day cruise?

    Most cruises I see are at least 3 to 4 days long. I was wondering if day cruises exist or are those only reserved for people with their own yachts? :king:
  4. OceanBreeze13

    Carnival Dream, Chipwrecked...who will be going to see the film?

    My children love the chipmunks and so do I. This is definitely a film to watch, especially since our cruise is less than a month away. Hopefully my children don't pick up and incorporate any of those chipmunks mischievous behavior while we're on board.
  5. OceanBreeze13

    What sort of luggage do you prefer to use when cruising?

    I like Samsonite and the kind with a NON-fabric exterior. I have a fear of luggage accidentally being dropped into the water, especially since I witnessed this first hand. So I'd like something that would still keep its contents dry and secure even if it was floating in the ocean.
  6. OceanBreeze13

    Sinking Cruiser Anyone?

    Whenever I see a larger than life boat with hundreds of people on it, I just can't help but to think of the Titanic. I know with the technology these days, the likelihood of boats sinking has drastically lessened. But I'm sure it still happens, even if it's 1 out of every billion cruisers...
  7. OceanBreeze13

    The former Love Boat, Pacific Princess, seized by Italian Coastguard, sold for scrap

    Wow that's really interesting. I bet if she came with the original Love Boat crew she would sell in a blink of an eye ;)
  8. OceanBreeze13

    Norovirus vaccine...would YOU use it?

    I'm always hesitant about taking vaccines, especially one for uncommon viruses. Sometimes I'd like to think the immune system and antibodies are stronger than what people would give them credit for. But then again, it's better to be safe than sorry..
  9. OceanBreeze13

    What do you prefer...early or late sitting for evening meal in the MDR?

    Freestyle dining sounds like it would better suit my family. Eating too early, then you start to hear rumbly tummies before bed. Eating too late, then I get a headache =(
  10. OceanBreeze13

    How many pieces of luggage does one take per person?

    Great tips Ally and definitely good to know for future references. I think I won't have a problem with over packing on our upcoming cruise as long as the people on the cruise don't mind stinky shoeless/shirtless and sometimes pants-less children running around on the ship ;) of course I'm...
  11. OceanBreeze13

    What are the pro's & con's regarding having a passport?

    I think passports are important whether you plan to cruise or not. It's another form of valid ID and if you ever plan on going outside of your home country, it's absolutely essential. Nowadays you can get a passport within 24 hours if you apply at one of their main offices (this pertains to US...
  12. OceanBreeze13

    What advice would YOU give to a first time cruiser?

    What I've always wondered about is the amount of things to pack. Do cruises really have everything you need on board, from toothbrushes to blow dryers, diapers (if you run out) and everything in between? So all you have to pack are your clothes and camera?
  13. OceanBreeze13

    Fifteen Tips for The Wise Cruiser

    These are all great tips. I've always wondered about the difference in cabins and if the extra money you pay to be on the outside cabins is really worth it. Now I know. Thanks!
  14. OceanBreeze13

    Do you prefer traditional or open dining when cruising?

    I chose buffet and would probably also choose open/freestyle. I like being able to eat meals on our own time and most of all I like the variety a buffet offers. You can literally have a little of everything and not miss out.
  15. OceanBreeze13

    A cruise with the whole family

    Wow that was absolutely amazing. I can't imagine traveling with so many people, but from reading it, it seemed almost effortless and tons of fun. I don't know if we'd ever be able to do that with my family. We're so spread out all over the world in different countries, plus there's like 43 of us...