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Recent content by middy

  1. middy


    Not on your cruise but getting on as your getting off. Like you Kathryn only booked last week. We book later though as not always easy getting holidays to match for me and hubby. Where is your cruise off to?
  2. middy

    Muster drills

    Never cruised with HAL. But have experience of other lines. Very much a mixed batch. Since the Costa event I've had an experience where we were advised not to take life jackets, luckily we had checked ours as one was faulty and what I really didn't like was they were of different makes hence the...
  3. middy

    Caribbean Ports

    My favourite is the rainforest in Dominica. :)
  4. middy

    What type dining

    Hubby and I are traditional late seating devotees. Where available it's what we always book. Like to have the same waiters every night. Eating at this time suits us for many reasons, one being that we always get to see the sailaways. If we ate on the early sitting we would end up going for...
  5. middy

    Europe cruise 2013

    Hi Jessie. I've taken quite a few fly cruises to europe ( I'm from UK) Never had a problem with regards language. Have always ended up sharing with english speakers at evening meal even when on my time dining. On adventure last year they had separate quizzes for the english speakers. I've always...
  6. middy

    Hello Cruisers

    Oops Hercules picture didn't register.
  7. middy

    Hello Cruisers

    Pictures of my little men. Not great can't seem to get flash to stop going off. Been cruising since late 90's, a bit addicted, managed to fit in around thirty since then. Tend to cruise where I want to go and price also comes into it for me, so have travelled on many different cruise lines.
  8. middy

    Has anyone been blessed by the upgrade fairy??

    We almost always book the cheapest cabin available. Have been upgraded three times. From low grade inside to outside, From inside to outside which wasn't great as the outside cabin was smaller than the inside. The third was from an inside to a balcony, that was on Indy on one of the extra...
  9. middy

    Hello Cruisers

    Hi Robyns welcome aboard.:D I've not yet sailed with MSC but sure I will get around to it one day. Can't say that I have an absolute favourite depends on what sort of cruise mind I'm in at the time as they are all a little different. Like your Avatar, is that your pet? I have 2 Chihuahuas who...
  10. middy

    Destinations that stay with you...what are yours?

    Goodness how to pick. I have quite a few that will stay with me. Masada and the dead sea tour. The history and the views . Timanfaya on Lanzarote like being on the moon. Petra in Jordan. Rain forest on Dominica. Peace and tranquility in parts of Norway.
  11. middy

    How to choose amount of time on a cruise?

    I have to agree with Pam. My main consideration is how much holiday time I can have at one time. Long time till I retire :( so no long cruises for me.
  12. middy

    Do you find cruising expensive?

    I don't feel that it's too expensive, mind you I don't do many ships excursions, drink very little unless the cruise line throw in an all inclusive package and except for once and it wasn't a great experience, don't eat in the pay extra restaurants. Many years ago did a self catering holiday...
  13. middy

    New Countdown Clock - Coming!

    Thanks Rex, sure have missed the countdown clock. :)
  14. middy

    Stacey and Chris on ' Black Watch '.

    I'm back. :) Interesting stalk Neil thanks. :) Saga Ruby was following us at the Keil canal but gather ( text from passenger on Ruby to one on our table at dinner) they were delayed by 20 hours sure glad we went first. Was nice to see the national geographic explorer, never bumped into her...
  15. middy

    Black Watch 20th August 12 Baltics.

    Speak again in two weeks, :) will write a review on my return.