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Recent content by Loftybaker

  1. Loftybaker

    Archives: Azure Seas

    Shaw Saville shipping line had the Southern Cross built for the UK Australia run in the late fifties, she was the first with her machinery at the stern, funnel at the stern leaving clear deck space for the passengers on their six week voyage to Sydney Australia. She was a great success so a copy...
  2. Loftybaker

    What is Your Favorite Cruise Ship of the Past?

    There was something differant about OLD SHIPS, than the new made to order floating hotels, were a deck was not a floor, a wall was a bulkhead not a wall, we had a pursers office and a galley not a kitchen etc etc. My first ship in 1960 was Ivernia sister to the Sylvania, all cunard ships name's...
  3. Loftybaker

    G'day from Oz.

    Thank's Guy's, I'm sure there may be a few questions I can answer, as long as my medication kicks in :p
  4. Loftybaker

    G'day from Oz.

    I worked on ships as a kid last century, I was a ships baker,' for the rich and famous' we transported across the POND to America & Canada. Not many aircraft then, things have changed completly now, as I found out on my first cruise which we took 3 years ago. Left the UK in 1974 for greener...