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Recent content by Lioness

  1. Lioness

    New build P&O (unnamed)

    I still think P&o are going to have a difficult time filling this ship. Ventura & Azura are already too big for a lot of loyal P&O customers. I for one won't be even considering a cruise on any of these monsters.
  2. Lioness


    I tried to do a tour with Tillys tours for my Fred Olsen West Af cruise. I was disappointed with their responses, took far too long and in the end I booked a ship tour as I had not heard from them for months. On disembarking braemar for the tour, I saw a man with my name on a board!! I hadn't...
  3. Lioness

    Oriana - X320 Central Med - September 2013

    Anyone else>
  4. Lioness

    New build P&O (unnamed)

    Hate to say it, but they are cancelling cruises and can't fill the ships they have already :-(
  5. Lioness

    Braemar - West Africa & Cape Verdes

    Well, just back from this wonderful cruise 21 nights. We had a fantastic time, loved the ship with only one or two little dislikes. The theme was Choirs at Sea which we joined. There were nearly 90 of us taking part and we gave 2 performances at the end of the cruise. Food was excellent...
  6. Lioness

    Braemar - West Africa M1225

    Well, leaving home tomorrow and won't be back for 21 nights! Yippee. Obviously I have the ship to myself?
  7. Lioness

    Egyptian calls cancelled.

    Not surprised about that!
  8. Lioness

    royal carribean sale.

    Wouldn't go on RCI if I was paid. Too big, too impersonal for me.
  9. Lioness

    did anyone watch that cruises undercover show?

    Yes I watched it. I was a bit amazed that they had to pay for their own uniforms! What company charges its staff for uniform? Also, can't quite believe they don't get any time off at all. P&O staff definitely get time off as you see them going ashore in ports.
  10. Lioness


    The Braemar.
  11. Lioness


    Azura is not for me. She's too big, but you may love her if you have been on big cruise ships. It will be our first on Fred, but have done 4 P&O cruises. Last one was US/Canada on arcadia out of Southampton. Fantastic. People say Arcadia is like an old folks home, but that's a load of rubbish.
  12. Lioness


    Holly - that P&O cruise is very similar to one I did on a very small ship out of Falmouth with Travelscope. It was wonderful. Have a great time. What did you think of Fred Olsen? You look young in your picture but maybe that's not you?
  13. Lioness


    Hello Holly - you're very welcome here. What cruises have you done. I am off on Fred Olsen in 4 weeks time to west Africa.
  14. Lioness

    Incorrect Travel Docs

    Ha ha Pam. You have reminded me of giving immigration cards out to Americans when I was a Stewardess. they would frequently say to me "I don't need one of those - I'm an American citizen". AND this is when they were landing into England! LOL You're right we're used to it in the UK, because...
  15. Lioness

    Incorrect Travel Docs

    Hi Pam - I'm amazed that a US citizen can go to Mexico or Central America without a passport. Those are foreign countries. We would need a passport even travel from the UK to Gibraltar and back. Gib is a British colony. A birth cert would not go at all.