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Recent content by lennerttt

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    The Next Big Thing in Etcher

    Wouldn't it be amazing if it is possible to store such a dense amount of data in one single flash drive? Data, so compact, that even operating systems such as Windows 10 and Linux can be transported as such? To be able to do so, one requires a tool called bootable USB software. Of the many...
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    How To Make A Bootable USB Drive For Debian Using Etcher

    In this article, we are going to show you how to install Debian with Etcher. In Linux community, Debian is comparable to a grandfather to all the other Linux distros available on the market. When compared to other Linux distros, Debian is quite old. The super popular child Ubuntu has to honor...
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    Yuzu Emulator Download

    Yuzu is a totally free open-source Nintendo Switch emulator made by Citra Team, the same group of programmers that made Citra, the Nintendo 3DS emulator written about previously. The 2 emulators share a good deal of similarity in their code. It's formally available on 64-bit Windows 7 and over...
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    Xenia Emulator

    Xenia emulates Xbox 360 matches on modern PCs. It is absolutely free. Developed with a small group, it only runs on Windows natively. Linux can be supported with the support of third party applications, but you will have to put in some excess work. Windows 10 is highly recommended, the software...
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    Citra Emulator

    Citra is a Nintendo 3DS emulator. It is completely free, multi system and open source, created by a team of developers called Citra Team. It can emulate sound entirely, something which RYUJINX can not do. Multiplayer through networked WiFi is encouraged, which lets you play multiplayer games...
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    Ryujinx Emulator

    Ryujinx is an open source Nintendo Switch emulator made by a developer known as gdkchan. Over 1,000 games can be booted up past any kind of loading menus, title screens, or loading screens; only around 500 are actually make it in to gameplay in any kind of capacity, which is still a very good...
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    RPCS3 Emulator

    RPCS3 is a free multi platform emulator that's completely open-source. It only emulates PlayStation 3 games, but it has a lot of them available. It is primarily developed by two developers, Nekotekina and kd-11. It does not allow any PlayStation 3 peripheral control use as of today, but there...
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    If you would like to use DS4 with PC, then it's possible with DS4Windows. The PS4 controller makes it possible for us to connect it to any Bluetooth device, for this we must set the controller in compatibility mode and then join it with the gadget. With cable it is as simple as connect and...
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    How To Use Etcher (Tutorial)

    In this post let's see how to create a bootable USB device in Windows very easily and fast using Etcher. It's a small free and open source utility which you can also install as portable software. There are many tools to create bootable USB devices. But the reality is that, because I have known...