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Recent content by Kristen532

  1. Kristen532

    c-to-sea flys to England this Friday, 7/21,

    i think that i can with them inside of cruise terminal i m sometimes working there and i have a pass so i have to ask when it will work i can meet then at the quay
  2. Kristen532

    Can You Identify.....

    armas means in mine language sweet:D
  3. Kristen532

    Happy Birthday, joespit!

    Happy birthday!!!:joy:
  4. Kristen532

    Can You Identify.....

    thats the mariella on what i where on the 22-25 june:joy: i can wait untill i will get on the ship again:cool:
  5. Kristen532

    c-to-sea flys to England this Friday, 7/21,

    have a nice cruise see you in tallinn
  6. Kristen532

    Miscellaneous Bridgecams

    if can is there is a field and i should be there
  7. Kristen532

    Miscellaneous Bridgecams

    on the first pic should be me beacause i worked today in there
  8. Kristen532

    Norwegian Jewel - Western Med

    welcome to forum from Estonia:mrgreen:
  9. Kristen532


    why is tt line ship in on the cam in the itineary shows that century is in sweden:confused:
  10. Kristen532


    something wrong with centurys itineary Sunday, 9 Jul Amsterdam, Netherlands (7AM to 5PM)Monday, 10 Jul at SeaTuesday, 11 Jul Copenhagen, Denmark (7AM to 4PM)Wednesday, 12 Jul at SeaThursday, 13 Jul Stockholm, Sweden (9AM to 5PM)Friday, 14 Jul Helsinki, Finland (9AM to 6PM)Saturday, 15 Jul St...
  11. Kristen532

    Captains Table

    never been at captain table but i will try when i will et on cruise vessel
  12. Kristen532

    For the Krooozer in you...

    <center><a href="http://dock.easycruise.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://dock.easycruise.com/captain.jpg"><br>I'm a Captain!<br>Click here to test your skills at the wheel of a carribean cruise liner.</a></center>
  13. Kristen532

    Miscellaneous Bridgecams

    it was millie somewhere on the mediterrian sea
  14. Kristen532

    Happy Birthday, CruiseDJ!

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!
  15. Kristen532

    Happy Birthday Ozzibob!

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!!