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Recent content by JSME

  1. J

    Do they decorate the ships at Christmas ?

    I wonder how early they decorate. We are going on the Freedom for Thanksgiving and would love to see the ship decorated. I doubt they will be decorated then but it would be nice.
  2. J

    Lent - Are you strongwilled whilst cruising

    Just proves what we are taught about lent in the Baptist Churches. lol Nothing what so ever. Thanks for letting me know that I was wrong. Geez I just went back and read all of this and I find it funny that some might have took it as a spat. I never meant anything by what I said. I was only...
  3. J

    Carnival Celebration review

    Jeff booked this ship for us to enjoy a special time. We had not been on Carnival and found this ship to be a very neat ship. It is smaller and older but this does not hurt the ship at all. Instead it allows you the chance to see all of the ship. To do all the activites you find important...
  4. J

    Lent - Are you strongwilled whilst cruising

    Sorry you are wrong here John. I have been raised as a Baptist and we have never done lent. Never even really thought of lent although I have read a lot of it in the bible but did not really realize people observe lent until a few years ago. It is an old testament thing and Baptist do not...
  5. J

    Question of the Day

    Sometimes they keep those favors in a seperate area but still near the normal jello.
  6. J

    Question of the Day

    I have margarita, pina colada and strawberry daiquiri jello. :biggrinbounce2:
  7. J

    Who Is Going - Liberty 2/2/2008

    Shirts? Did I hear shirts? Who is going to design it? :dancing_banana:
  8. J

    Fantasy hit by barge on the Mississippi

    Do you guys remember Barbara? I think her user is Nautigirl. She is to go on the Fantasy at the beginning of March with some friends. I hope it all works out for her and her buddies. Not sure if you remember but she lives in New Orleans.
  9. J

    Who Is Going - Liberty 2/2/2008

    Welcome aboard Cathy, Ben, Teresa, James, Christopher, Loretta, Brad and Patty!!!
  10. J

    Congratulations Lisa & Rick!!

    Congratulations Lisa and Rick. I hope you both do well and find your partnership to be successful always.
  11. J

    Troublemakin Tavern ~ Happy Hour ~

    How about these?
  12. J

    Troublemakin Tavern ~ Happy Hour ~

    sure you are....:laughalot:
  13. J

    Casual Cooks 101

    John you and Jeff would get along fine. He does not like my rabbit food either. lol I would not mind the fries but I am trying to not gain weight before the cruise. lol Do you like Saw?? Jeff loves those movies.
  14. J

    Chit chating

    What are you saying? I am having troubles understand you. :laughalot:
  15. J

    Troublemakin Tavern ~ Happy Hour ~

    There is no telling what Jeff would do. That is why he married me to keep his bum straight. :biggrinbounce2: