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Recent content by HthrEdmndsn

  1. HthrEdmndsn

    Ship drinking water

    On my last but one cruise (Celebrity) from Southampton and had tea making facilities in cabin. The tea was awful. Several days in I used the remains of my bottled water and the tea was much better! However on my latest cruise (P & O) also from Southampton the cabin water was fine for tea making.
  2. HthrEdmndsn

    Iceland and Norway 4 August 2012

    Anybody on here joining me on Saturday?
  3. HthrEdmndsn

    Eclipse amenities

    I'm going on Eclipse next Saturday. Will let you know.:)
  4. HthrEdmndsn

    Cruising on Saturday :-D

    Cruising on Saturday :-D
  5. HthrEdmndsn

    What do YOU do when the sea is rough?

    I also love a bit of rough (weather that is), it makes me feel as if I'm on a ship. And also have another drink to help me walk straight :-P. On a cruise I never drink too much, but the bad weather forecasts are wrong sometimes!!!
  6. HthrEdmndsn

    Liverpool's new cruise terminal for turnarounds construction started

    Can't wait for a cruise terminal, one which will cope with larger ships, 'up north'. The number of cruise I take is limited by the thought of the long trek to Southampton (6 hours plus). Flying via Heathrow is also a no no.
  7. HthrEdmndsn

    Have you ever been visited by the upgrade fairy?

    Yes, been upgraded twice. On both occasions from booking guaranteed. First was with NCL booked guaranteed balcony, and at check in was escorted to an aft mini suite. That was with my son. My second cruise with NCL. This year booked guaranteed balcony with Celebrity, when confirmation came...
  8. HthrEdmndsn

    If Cruisers remove the Auto Gratuity do the cash tips have to be pooled?

    I agree with you Ally. I think that if the cruiselines renamed this charge to 'service charge', which is not discretionary, rather than auto tipping (or gratuity) which is discretionary (at least in Europe it is seen this way), there might be fewer passenger dodging this payment. Or even...
  9. HthrEdmndsn

    If Cruisers remove the Auto Gratuity do the cash tips have to be pooled?

    On 'another forum' there is a thread started by an employee of a cuiseline on the subject of auto tips. As you can imagine it has generated a lot of heat but not much light. However, one fact did emerge, and that is that what happens to tips given directly to staff differs from company to...
  10. HthrEdmndsn

    Elderly couple debarked from Seabourn Sojourn

    Course it should have happened. Why do people think that rules apply to everybody else but not me?
  11. HthrEdmndsn

    HELP- Is it Baltic in the Baltics

    Hi I did the Baltic two years ago in late July/early August and it was pleasantly warm. Warm enough to sit on deck (not in bikini) whilst docked at St Petersburg. It was very much like a 'normal summer' day in the UK. Had one or two heavy showers but nothing to deter a hardy lass from t'north. :-P
  12. HthrEdmndsn

    Survey: People who cruise once want to do it again

    Me too. I always warn acquaintances considering their first cruise that it will not be their last, and they will never consider any other type of holiday.
  13. HthrEdmndsn

    Are there any times while cruising that you miss your home comforts?

    Decent cup of tea. Made with freshly boiled water. Not hot water from an urn, only suitable for coffee.
  14. HthrEdmndsn

    Can someone tell me about Cagliari,Sardinia ?

    We are boarding a Med cruise this Saturday. Yayyyyh! One of our ports is Cagliari Sardinia. Will let you know what we thought on our return.
  15. HthrEdmndsn

    Salt or fresh water ?

    Pools Pools on Grand are freshwater. I believe Princess ships all have fresh water pools.