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Recent content by hoosier_done_it

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    Freestyle vs. Traditional Cruising

    I have taken five cruises, my wife seven, and with the exception of her Windjammer they have all been traditional. We will be on the Norwegian Sun this November; chosen because most of its stops are places we have not been before, its departure port is convenient for other plans, and it has a...
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    Which Cruise Line Has the Best food?

    Senior moment in my post. The Usenet group was rec.travel.cruises not alt.rec.cruises as originally posted.
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    Which Cruise Line Has the Best food?

    I as this question knowing full well that it is likely to generate a heated exchange.:fork: A while back I used to hang out on alt.rec.crusies (yes, I am that old), and waaaaay back then Celebrity had the best culinary reputation, in part because of some reportedly spectacular desert known on...
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    Help identifying an NCL ship

    I've now done enough research to be 90% certain that it was the MS Skyward. The piece that put it over the top was this excerpt from an old Cruise Travel (Cruise Travel - Google Books). Thanks to all for the clues. Now comes the real hard part -- convincing NCL to trust me about a cruise 27...
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    Help identifying an NCL ship

    The Wikipedia link does help. After looking at that I'm about 60% sure that it was the MS Skyward. I'm trying to gather enough information to get NCL to give me Latitudes credit for that old cruise. Their online system will not go back that far, but I've been told that if I contact a...
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    Help identifying an NCL ship

    In January of 1983 my wife and I took an NCL Mexican cruise (Cancun, Cozumel, ????). Neither of us can remember which ship it was. Does anyone know what it might have been?