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Recent content by Grumpy100

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    Ordering Off the menu.

    I am Dr's quick weight loss. Only second day on it but want fast results. It is expensive and the supplements are too. Hope it works fast because I want my beer back. It seems to get easier each day to figure out what you eat and what you are allowed. My boss lost 45 lbs. In 4 months a few...
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    Fun "What if" cruise question.

    I would ask if you could pay the difference for the upgrade to a balcony. But if not I would go anyway. :dancing_banana:
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    If Cruisers remove the Auto Gratuity do the cash tips have to be pooled?

    We always tip extra to ourwaiters, room steward and his assistant. They all work so hard.
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    Ordering Off the menu.

    I just started the same diet , or similar on Wednesday. It is expensive but they promise quick results so we shall see. Then I can eat what I want for a week on our cruise and then get back on the maintenance plan.
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    Top ten reasons to book your cruise today

    We just got back last week from our Alaska. Cruise and after I lose some weight I will look forward to our next. It will be here before you know it.
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    Stavanger Webcam

    Wish I was there. :):)
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    I think being on a cruise ship anywhere in the Caribbean are beautiful sunsets. I have lots of pictures.
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    The 2 main lists

    The more you cruise the more you learn what to bring and how much you over pack. Then say "next cruise I am not bringing this many clothes" .
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    Oslo Pilots strike affects Vision Of The Seas.

    Well at least they get to go to Oslo.
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    Norway ports strike action now called off

    That would be such a shame as Norway is such a beautiful country. We were there in 2005 and it was amazing. Would it affect the smaller ports near the article circle.
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    Celebrity says it’s committed to Bermuda

    I have never been to Bermuda but have been to the Caribbean both east and west many times. Is there much difference?
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    Port Of Anchorage. 2012

    We are leaving in two days for our cruise to Alaska but anchorage will not be one of the ports. We are just doing the inside passage however it is our fourth time there. :biggrinbounce2:
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    Would you choose to cruise in hurricane/typhoon season?

    If you are looking for a budget cruise then that is the time to cruise. I would definitely cruise during that time because I feel that the cruiseline will not go out if it is not safe. Ships cost too much and they can always change the itinerary if needed.
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    What was you worst ever cabin and why?

    Yes it was in the rear of the ship the lowest passenger floor and an inside cabin next to where the crew members worked. We were kept up all night with them working all night, going in and out of the area and the ship shook so bad that the safe actually would not close. It was aweful. It was...
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    Are the Mega ships more accessible for disabled passengers?

    Wow the Norway is going way back. You are showing your age.:laughalot::laughalot::laughalot: We are going on the Allure of the Seas in November so I will let you know what I find out.:roflmao: