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Recent content by greydemon

  1. greydemon

    Swedish environmental award goes to GTS Constellation of Celebrity Cruises

    Isn't this a bit like a car manufacturer getting an environmental awards for making a V8 engined car rather than V12 ?
  2. greydemon

    Baltic Cruise Questions

    Hi Archie, My wife and I will be going on a Baltic cruise in July 2015. (Celebrity Eclipse I think the ship is called) She is a Family History Librarian and we are attending a family history conference on board (For her it is tax deductible and she gets time off work to attend, she might end up...
  3. greydemon

    Venice - New limits on size of visiting cruise ships.

    I think that this is a really good thing, we stayed in an apartment off the Via Garabaldi for nearly a month last year, there were plenty of posters calling for a ban on cruise ships and many of the locals want to see the back of them, not just down at Castello but in the other Sestieri as...
  4. greydemon

    Free drinks on Celebrity Eclipse

    Sorry if the title misled you, this is a question not a special offer. Still , it got you reading it. I am booked on a cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse next year, I have already decided that to get value out of the drinks packages you need to have a bit of a drinking problem - which might be...