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Recent content by gottabecruisin

  1. gottabecruisin

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    Hi Mary You have until the day you sail to make the payment. If payment is not made prior to that day you will not be permitted to sail, as per Carnival's statement....
  2. gottabecruisin

    Good Luck & Get Well Soon BoHunk

    According to emails her and I exchanged this weekend, she said the surgery was 10:00 am Minnesota time... Wishing you a speedy recovery Karyn.
  3. gottabecruisin

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

  4. gottabecruisin

    Another Travel Agency Closed

    I am curious to hear your story Karyn ? What were you screwed out of ?
  5. gottabecruisin

    What does Upper mean?

    hi there, here is a pic of our cabin on the Victory with an upper....
  6. gottabecruisin

    Pirate Attitude ?

  7. gottabecruisin

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    great day here too... 70 degrees... out on my deck with laptop and telephone....but about to get ready for another funeral.... have a great day everyone
  8. gottabecruisin

    ~ Loose Before You Cruise ~

    how are you doing on this chuck
  9. gottabecruisin

    Pirate Attitude ?

  10. gottabecruisin

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    I know the feeling Chuck.... Sun is shining and the phone wont stop ringing...
  11. gottabecruisin

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    Good Morning Ally, I see yor getting excited for your cruise....
  12. gottabecruisin

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    Good Morning Troublemakers
  13. gottabecruisin

    ~ Weekends ~

    That sounds cool Sharon:) Winning is always nice
  14. gottabecruisin

    ~Troublemaker PalTalk~

    were on now....:)
  15. gottabecruisin

    Troublemakin Tavern ~ Happy Hour ~

    no habla espanole..... ( spelling ? )