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Recent content by gerry

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    i hope it's a great Dawn

    My wife are going on the Dawn in march 09. We would like to know if it's better than the other pacific's. We went on the Sky, Star and the Sun.Sky and the Star were ok but the Sun had too many on her.Far too many people in one ship ,so as the dawn is much bigger is it better and is the food ok...
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    sky star next dawn

    just got of pacific sun,too many people 1900.I'm going on the pacific dawn next march so with it being bigger and 100 more people it should i hope be better.You can't beat a cruise for a holiday and p&o do make it good
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    pacific star

    could anyone tell me who bought the star and what will its name be. gerry
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    Has anyone travelled on the P&O SUN South Pacific

    missy gal just saw your message we go may3 too. shanay grand daughterhas not got her passport yet . Getting late gerry
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    Has anyone travelled on the P&O SUN South Pacific

    went on pacific star out of this world love it Going on pacific sun in may.We just think its great and p&o try very hard to make it great gerry
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    m/v oceania

    my work mate at work wants to know if I can fined out anything about m/v oceania he came to aust about 25 ish years ago .( $10 fare from italy.) good if he could find out gerry
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    pacific star [email protected]

    since i found this site i knew what to get my wife lorraine for her birthday atrip to the south pacific vanuatu ect $1090 each for 9 nights ship leaves on bithday may 12 boy shes happy gerry ps i told her cabin was above the water line i hope it is for my sake
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    i came to australia from england march 22 1952 have any one heard of ss ranchi and what happend to it