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Recent content by Gabriella

  1. Gabriella

    Don't want to do muster drill?...that's fine, get off the ship, you're not sailing!

    I think it's a good idea. Muster drill is very important and it's not really that big of a deal to go do, especially if you end up needing to evacuate!
  2. Gabriella

    Special diets when cruising...what are YOUR experiences?

    I am fortunate; most of the time I have no special dietary needs. I had to avoid dairy and soy while breastfeeding my oldest daughter, but we did not go on a cruise at that time, so I have no experience with this matter. I'm sure it's not easy to deal with, as not everyone takes food...
  3. Gabriella

    How Old?

    How old were the kids when you took them on a Disney cruise? Do you recommend any age ranges in particular? I have a newborn and a 2 year old, so I don't want to go yet, but don't know when to take them.
  4. Gabriella

    Little Annoyances

    I'm not a fan of buffet food either; I much prefer to have it made to order. Most of the time it's only breakfast that is buffet though; I eat lunch off the ship when we are in port and dinner is off a menu.
  5. Gabriella

    Cruise lines won't say whether they allow 'sail-by' salutes

    I'm not really surprised that the cruise lines aren't confirming that policy, for liability reasons, but it is a real shame that the captains are put in such a tenuous position. What happens if they refuse to do the salute?
  6. Gabriella

    Would you ever consider living on a cruise ship?

    I think I could do it. It'd take some getting used to, but constantly traveling and having maid service all the time would be fantastic. I'd get a little tired of eating in the same restaurants, I suppose, but that's what eating at restaurants in the ports/nearby cities is for. ;)
  7. Gabriella

    Cruise line drinks packages.....are they good value for money?

    I find the nonalcoholic packages are well worth the money, but then I'm constantly drinking something. I don't get the alcoholic packages though; I like to drink occasionally but not enough to make the package worth it.
  8. Gabriella

    (Dis)Enchantment o/t Seas - passenger files lawsuit after being forced off cruise

    That is a really strange story and I have a hard time believing it, but at the same time I don't know why that guy would make up something so crazy. It'll be interesting to see Royal Caribbean's response.
  9. Gabriella

    Costa Concordia aground!

    Domnica Cemortan Do you believe her account of Captain Schettino's actions on the night the Concordia ran aground? Everything else I've heard in the media contradicts her statements.
  10. Gabriella

    London transportation

    I always used the Tube and walked when I was in London. I found it very easy to get to where I wanted to go, so I just never took the hop-on-hop-off bus.
  11. Gabriella

    Pressure of public demand = risks....?

    I am not sure. I understand what you mean, but consumers also assume that what the crew is doing is safe and don't truly comprehend the risks, even when the ship is close to rocks or glaciers.
  12. Gabriella

    Length of trip for a first cruise

    My first cruise was 12 days and I was a little worried since I wasn't entirely sure I'd enjoy cruising. Hahahaha, that was a needless worry! It was long enough for me to get a feel for it; a 3 day cruise would've been over in the blink of an eye. As for seasickness, most people seem to be ok...
  13. Gabriella

    Before you book the cheapest room...

    I like the balcony rooms and am willing to splurge on them, but I do agree that it's not as though you spend all that much time in your room, so I can see why most people don't opt for them.
  14. Gabriella

    Grand European Tour

    Has anyone taken this Viking River cruise and what did you think? It's the 15 day cruise between Amsterdam and Budapest and sounds pretty interesting. My husband has been chattering about it for awhile so I think we'll probably go.
  15. Gabriella

    Have your views of cruising changed........?

    What a horrible incident. I'll still cruise but it's a sobering reminder of the dangers and to take safety drills (which should always be on day 1!) seriously.