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Recent content by G.M.T.

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    Greetings from Maryland

    welcome aboard.
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    Hello from Denmark

    Hello Danish Girl, Welcome to CT.
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    Costa Concordia aground!

    Titan to publish time plan Titan said they would release a detailed chronology of the plan to refloat and remove the vessel next week. Titan Micoperi to release timeline of Concordia removal
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    Oasis OTS Ultra Fast Broadband

    Do you really want to be available 24/7 even while cruising? Oasis of the Seas set for ultra-fast broadband service from O3b
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    Hello from North Dakota!

    Gaderunner, Welcome aboard. If you have any questions - just ask, if you have any answers just answer if you have eaither at present then just join in the fun.
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    not New

    You commented on your actions BUT what about the restraining order from the police?
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    not New

    Norman - Harassment of CT member! Norman, From a previous thread I see that a restraining order was issued (by UK police) against you on 30th. December 2010 under the The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 for verbal abuse, stalking and aggressive harassment against a CT member. Would you...
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    Cruise Stalk Capricruiser on MSC Magnifica

    Chuck, welcome home (to anyone else it would be a holiday destination). Get well soon so that we can get all the informations on your reecnt adventure. Ron
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    Cruise Stalk Capricruiser on MSC Magnifica

    Another cruise has come to an end and the Capricruiser (Chuck) has returned to his home town. Welcome home Chuck.
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    Cruise Stalk Capricruiser on MSC Magnifica

    So Chuck enters his last cruise day, with a tear in one eye and a trwinkle in the other (thanks Suzi) a heavy heart and a much lighter wallet. Chuck, have a good journey home and we'll speak to you soon.
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    Cruise Stalk Capricruiser on MSC Magnifica

    Chuck and Magnifica are almost in that fun city of Copenhagen (together with Costa Luminosa), it's currently overcast with some light rain BUT with an almost tropical temerature of 15°C. Chuck enjoy your last full day.
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    Cruise Stalk Capricruiser on MSC Magnifica

    So just a quixk stalk, as I am still on te road with a slow connction. It's a Suizi Special or sea day for the rest of us mortals, tomorrow is Copenhagen. Weather is sunny at 13°C.
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    Cruise Stalk Capricruiser on MSC Magnifica

    Chuck is getting an early stalk today, as I am on the road. Magnifica is steam up the fjords towards Hellesylt (Sunnylvsfjord) where she is due to dock in about 2 hours time. Weather is OK, temp is at 7°C overcast with a very slight wind.
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    Cruise Stalk Capricruiser on MSC Magnifica

    Chuck & Magnifica are head south towards the tropics, today is 9°C with sunny spells. Another sea day today, so one has the choice of All Inclusive or Suzi Special. Twnety two hours before Magnifica arrives in Hellesylt (Sunnylvsfjord) - Geirangerfjord.
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    Costa Atlantica - Dubai to Singapore - Anyone care to join me in April 2013?

    I always have a part of dear MIL with us when we cruse in the form of DW - but luckily the very good parts. I could never fly with dear MIL as international rules and regulations do not allow offensive weapons (dear MIL), also more than 1 liter of liquid onboard aircraft. :dancing_banana: