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Recent content by defed

  1. defed

    Tried out something interesting on my last cruise

    I was wondering what was your most interesting moment on cruises? You met someone, you tried out something new? Last time I got a pill (later on I found out it was this https://liftmode.com/nootropics/huperzine-a.html) on a ship-party ... and it really energized me, I did not sleep like a whole...
  2. defed

    Where Are You Going This Year?

    As the title says, just interested where people are heading this year.
  3. defed

    Joke of the Day!

    hahahah the joke is great
  4. defed

    Which cruise line offers the best value for money for solo passengers?

    definitiv it is the Royal Caribbean International
  5. defed

    Mallorca webcam

    Mallorca is so beautiful
  6. defed

    Is anyone into their poetry?

    Approximately like it. You know that thrill, that feeling you get when listening to music? It seems the same thing can happen in the reading poetry experience according to a study which opens up fascinating questions around reading, the brain and emotions.
  7. defed

    Best cabin ever??

    Tottaly agree with you
  8. defed

    What music are you listening to?

    Hi everyone What music are you listening to these days?
  9. defed

    Joke of the Day!

    Mike and Jim were a couple of drinking pals who worked as aircraft mechanics at Glasgow Airport. One day the airport was fogged in and they were stuck in the hangar with nothing to do. Mike said, "Jeez, I wish we had something to drink!". Jim says, "Me as weel. Y'know, I've heard ye can drink...
  10. defed

    Hey everyone

    I'm new to the forum. My name is John have 30 years and I come from London. I just joined here because I found it interesting. Hope to have a good time here
  11. defed

    European River Cruises

    Based on personal experiences, can anyone comment about the quality/service/cost/et al of Tauck vs. Viking river cruises in Europe? We are thinking of taking a cruise on DCS Amethyst operated by DCS Touristik GmbH - run into it via...