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  1. Cruiser

    Disney cruise pictures

    it looks like a great cruise to do with your kids or grandchildren. mayeb i could suggest it to my mum next time she wants to take the kids somewhere. She loves cruising and they like most kids love disney so they bot could be happy with that!;)
  2. Cruiser

    price differences

    sounds ideal for a honey moon hey!lol But i do tend to appreciate having at least a window when i cruise, i don't like to feel completely locked in a place
  3. Cruiser


    yes i would tend to agree with that, everyone should be treated the same way and that whatever you do as a living.It could start tensions, why him and not me?
  4. Cruiser

    How long before do climb aboard

    i try and get there at least 4 hours in advance, but have always wondered how long in advance you realy are suppose to climb aboard, does anyone know?
  5. Cruiser

    doing the panama canal

    I've always heard that this is one cruise that everyone should do at least once and that you had to do the 14 days one to realy be fully satisfied otherwise you would leave having the impression that you missed out on a lot. Have any of you ever did a cruise on the panama canal and was it realy...
  6. Cruiser

    the quest

    A great souvenir i have of the oyal caribbean international cruises was the game 'the quest ' they proposed! Everyone plays and the i think this guy who could be the president or something asks for objects and you need to bring them to him, a shoe, a jumper,undies..... Have any of you ever...
  7. Cruiser


    My mother who lives in canada would love to go to russia and visit places like st petersburg and moscow, does anyone know of a cruise who could help her do this. She tells metaht its' possible to vivit russia while cruising but i'mnot sure. What do you think? do they go inlands like that...
  8. Cruiser


    Can anyone finaly help me out by explaining to me how the tips work on a cruise, i'm use to doing it like in my everyday life but a friend of mine has told me that you normaly can pay the totality of the tips at the beggining of the cruise, this sounds crazy!!! Is it true?
  9. Cruiser

    is the water good

    I've always wondered if the water you found on the tap in your cabinet during a cruise could be drank?Does someone have the answer to this. I've always stayed clear from it if not to wash myself but spring water is pretty expensive aboard on the long run so i was wondering.....
  10. Cruiser

    keeping in touch

    A friend of mine told me that people were able to reach him on his mobile phone during his cruises. I realy don't understand how this could be possible unless it had something to do with satellites. Any ideas?
  11. Cruiser

    Nile Cruises

    yes i'd love to cruise to egypt and down the nile too one day but would like to find a combined trip with cruise and nights over on the ground with lost of visits planned. it looks like a terrific place to vivt and i wouldn't wnt to miss out on anything important
  12. Cruiser

    who does this ship belong to?

    a friend of mine was talking to me about a great cruise chez did to the fjords in finland, it realy sounded great from what she said. She toldme that she cruises aboard the Lirica but going through all the ships listed in this forum i ca't seem to find it. ould someone know which company it...
  13. Cruiser


    I keep hearing left and right that The norwegian cruise line proposes something called the 'freestyle' system and i was wondering what it exactly was. As people all seemed very pleased with it
  14. Cruiser


    I have had reductions for a cruise who is suppose to take place in October, and i was wondering what the climat was like in Hawaii at that moment of the year? Can anyone fill me in?
  15. Cruiser

    hello everyone

    i'm delighted to have found this forum and i love it's trendy look. I hope that you guys will be able to make me a little place aboard with all of you!:)