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Recent content by CruiseDJ

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    Happy Birthday, BBT!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BBT - Enjoy your celebrations :dancer: :dancer:
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    Saga Rose on the BBC

    Thanks Jackie, Watched it today. Alwyn was in Petra sketching and painting the entrance and one of the tombs. There will be eight episodes, the next is in two weeks (not sure why, must be something else on tv). Nothing really to see on the Saga Rose, it was mainly painting, but I dont...
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    Happy Birthday, CruiseDJ!

    18th July Jackie - Artemis - so only 7 days now. :joy: :joy:
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    Dani reaches 2,000 posts!

    A belated CONTRATULATIONS on your 2000 postings :green:
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    1,000 posts from Robyn!

    Contratulations on reaching the 1000 Robyn. :dancer: :dancer:
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    Happy Birthday, CruiseDJ!

    A BIG THANK YOU :luv: for all the Birthday wishes, a great celebration was had :D :D
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    Help please- Saga Ruby

    Hi Jackie - dont know if you have this webcam, its a bit far off but if it is a nice clear day as the weather forecasters are threatening then you may possible catch a glimps. Mind you I am not too sure this is part of the Cruise Terminal dock area. http://www.bbc.co.uk/kent/webcams/dover.shtml
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    Two classic cruiseships

    My other half (Sandy) , sailed out on the "Castel Felice" early fifties (1954) when they emigrated to New Zealand with her father when he joined the New Zealand Royal Navy. She also came home to visit relatives twice on the "Fairsea" . She had quite a few postcards and pictures but...
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    Two classic cruiseships

    Liz - you probably have this site, but just incase you have not http://www.simplonpc.co.uk/Sylvania1957.html#anchor1263528 Pictures and Postcards of Fairwind. This one also seems to have info http://members.shaw.ca/erik.langeland/Ships/PassengerShips/Sylvania_1957.html
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    Happy Birthday Ozzibob!

    Happy Birthday - Ozzibob have a great day :dancer: :dancer:
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    BDAdaughter BERMUDA-BOUND on Sunday, July 9

    Bon Voyage - have a wonderful cruise
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    Didisea flies to the Norwegian Fjords on July 6

    Wonderful - have a great time Didisea :green: :green:
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    Other Port Cams

    Arcadia 4th July Arcadia in Vigo today.
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    P&O Arcadia Fjords Cruise Keith & Marion

    Nice report Keith and enjoyed the pictures, Have not been to that area yet but hopefully when Sandy retires next year, (you never know). I was of similar opinion to yourself with regard to sparseness of some of the area's. The Rising Sun also ended up as our main watering hole.
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    Other Port Cams

    Costa Fortuna, MSC Sinfonia & Thompson Destiny in Mallorca Today