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Recent content by CharlieW

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    CharlieW - Celebrity Constellation - Scandinavia/Russia - June 3 - 17

    Just an update. The beds were NOT absolutely terrible! A little uncomfortable with that annoying valley in the middle of the bed so you are always sliding/rolling to the middle. I have been on worse. Besides, I can fall asleep anywhere at anytime, so it was less of a problem to me. More so for...
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    Norwegian Jewel - Western Med

    Welcome aboard Stuart! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
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    CharlieW - Celebrity Constellation - Scandinavia/Russia - June 3 - 17

    Report - Celebrity Constellation - Scandinavia/Russia This was one great cruise! All the ports were outstanding. And the ship was great. I can't say enough about the crew. Everyone on this ship went out of their way to say hello and ask if there was anything we needed. This by far was...
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    Problems on the Crown Princess

    CruiserJohn, What is a "take or pay" lifting agreement?
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    Problems on the Crown Princess

    Cruiser John, Thanks for the update. I thought there would be more to this story. It just didn't sound right that the supplier wouldn't have enough fuel for the Crown. Price shopping sounds more plausible but would they risk pissing off their passengers by delaying like that. I still think...
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    Miscellaneous Bridgecams

    ronc, What ship was that?
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    NJVIC - FoS - Maiden Voyage June 4-11, 2006

    Dani, Purse or briefcase excluded. If they make the seats any smaller, most people won't fit in them. We were snug to say the least. I had a situation with Virgin last year coming back from London. I was there for 2 days so I had a small carryon and my briefcase. My carryon weighted 14...
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    NJVIC - FoS - Maiden Voyage June 4-11, 2006

    Vic, great report! Glad you had a good time. After getting back from our trip, I have been extremely busy and just now starting to catch up in the forums. Now as for the blackberry. I wasn't planning on using it to post reports on our trip. I normally take a laptop but everytime I spoke to...
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    Problems on the Crown Princess

    A friend of mine sailed on the Crown on Sunday out of Brooklyn. At midnight the ship was still in port. What the passengers were told was that the refueling barge did not have enough fuel...TWICE. It turns out that they had to drop Grand Turk. They gave the passengers a $200 credit. My...
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    Jeff to Cruise Again

    Jeff, Have a wonderful time! I suspect the QM2 will stop in Boston for the 4th. Did that (eeeekkkk ) 11 years ago on QE2! My how time flies. Remember it like yesterday.
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    Celebrity Millennium 4/30/06 Transatlantic

    Thanks Terry. I am enjoying the pictures. Have a lot more to go through.
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    CharlieW flies Friday, June 2, for Constellation

    We're back - sort of. Still have a long travel day ahead. Yesterday was a much needed day at sea. The last couple of days were hectic. We were late getting into Copenhagen because of port traffic. We drifted outside the port for over an hour until an NCL ship left and freed up a berth...
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    CharlieW flies Friday, June 2, for Constellation

    A couple of hectic days. Yesterday we were in Copenhagen. Hada bice day. Took a canal tour and saw all the major sites. We were heading to Tivoli Gardens when it started to rain so we headed back to the ship. I was under the weather all day so that was not a big deal. Ended up sleeping 13...
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    NJVIC sails Sunday, June 4 on FREEDOM OF THE SEAS

    Greetings from...on a train somewhere between Rostock and Berlin. Glad to hear you had a great time! Can't wait to read the details.
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    CharlieW flies Friday, June 2, for Constellation

    Aurora followed us in. Yes we were actually docked in Rostock. I knew I forgot something. They told us our tour guide for the day would be Wolfgang. I thought maybe just maybe WG got on the bicycle and made the trek to Berlin. But alas...not the "real" WG. It was an imposter.