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Recent content by Captain2

  1. Captain2


    I sailed on her A great Xmas Cruise to the South Sea islands
  2. Captain2

    Did you sail on a line that is now defunct?

    Sailed on Strathmore and Strathnaver from UK to Gibraltar !st class care of Navy as we were on our way to stay with Navy Commander
  3. Captain2

    royal carribean sale.

    A lady after my own heart
  4. Captain2

    ex captain

    ex captain
  5. Captain2

    Royal Caribbean raises recommended tips 20%

    Aussies do not normally tip, except if they feel the service is exceptional. Why do you Americans insist in tips , is it because your wages are so low
  6. Captain2

    royal carribean sale.

    What about your shares Pam. As for me, being ancient I like smaller "passenger ships" Oriana,Warwick Castle, Strathmore, Strathnaver, and Achille Laura. Rhapsody and Legend are as big as I want to get
  7. Captain2

    Luggage tag holders

    Am waiting on delivery of our tags as Sue says buy from RC. also re ink in printers buy best for best results
  8. Captain2

    Fly Cruise Hawaai

    Do not require help thank you as we are sailing on Legend 24th May 2015, heard they are simular
  9. Captain2

    Royal Caribbean drinks prices

    We are due to sail on Legend of the Sea 24th May and being Retirees try and make the dollar go as far as possible but the new drink prices, which include a gratuity (even though we have paid the compulsory gratuity) is getting ridiculous. I like my wines for dinner , a couple of scotches before...
  10. Captain2

    Fly Cruise Hawaai

    Last year had a great Fly/,Cruise. Flew to Hawaii, 4 days Hawaii then cruised back to Sydney on Rhapsody. Would love to do similar April/,May 2016 Can anyone help, Thank you