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Recent content by Buoy_Babe

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    Mexico remains number one cruise destination worldwide

    That's surprising - I would think it would be the Bahamas. I'm glad to hear it's not, though, because that place is way overrated. There are more things to do and see on a cruise around Mexico.
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    Tea Bags

    I don't think tea bags would count as food or drink. They're certainly easy enough to tuck away in your bag without notice. I say go for it; I don't think you'd be committing some huge felony here.
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    Booking based on lowest price?

    Do you book a cruise based on the lowest price during a timeframe, or are you more about what's most convenient for your group? I really appreciate when cruise lines lay out their various prices clearly and easily, and I usually opt for the date on the lower end of the price scale.
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    Fun Question. How many shoes, Gals and Guys?

    I don't own that many shoes to begin with, but I think it's important to at least take a sturdy pair of sneakers, some form of water shoes and a dressy pair if you're the type who enjoys some fine dining. I think the water shoes are especially important to protect your feet and to avoid mucking...
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    Royal Caribbean raises recommended tips 20%

    Tip expectations tick me off. Nobody should have to rely on the donations of others to make a living. In my eyes, a tip is a reward for extraordinary service, not an obligatory supplement for doing one's job.
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    Keeping in touch when cruising ?

    I don't stress too much about keeping in touch when I go on a cruise, because I'm usually only gone for a few days or a week. I let important people know where and when I'm going when I go, and sometimes check in using the onboard Internet, but that's the extent of my efforts.
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    Seasick Stories

    Do you have a wicked story of a time that you or someone close to you got seasick on a cruise? When I was sailing to Amsterdam several years ago, the boat was so rocky that people were literally falling over and puking left and right. Luckily, I decided to go watch a movie in the ship's...
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    Enchantment o/t Seas - Drug trafficker jailed for 20 years in smuggling operation

    I'm glad he got caught. That's absolutely shameful, involving a whole cruise crew like that. Why do so many insist on a hard way of living?
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    Have service standards aboard ships slipped?

    I've only cruised very recently, so I can't make a comparison of sailings of yesteryears. I wouldn't be surprised if the service was better when things were newer, though. The service is still good enough to cruise today in my book!
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    The Expense of Solo Cruising

    Having to pay a single supplement stinks, I imagine. This is the case for travel in general, though. All you can do is go with the companies on the lower end of the madness.
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    Antarctic Penguin Webcams

    These little guys are soo cute! They look rather furry as well. I can't wait to see penguins in person someday when I take an Antarctic cruise!
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    How do you rate the entertainment & activities with Royal Caribbean?

    I haven't sailed with Royal Caribbean yet, but I definitely plan on making it the next line that I cruise with exactly because of their entertainment options. Their website is just awesome for getting me excited about what their ships feature (like ice skating shows - how cool is that?!).
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    Cruise Line Snobs

    Do you know of anyone who refuses to give any alternate cruise lines a try; that is to say, they stick to one particular line and look down on all others?
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    Prosecutors want new warrants in 28-year-old cruise ship terror case

    I'm going a bit off-topic here, but what I immediately noticed when I first saw this article is the glaring mathematical typo! It has not been 28 years since 1988, and I didn't even have to do any hard equations to realize this because I was born a few years before 1988, and I'm not even 28...
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    Lots of Europe in a week? Try a cruise

    The bad thing about cruises like this is that they only give you a "taste" of important cities. You will miss out on a host of worthwhile things to see if you are only spending a day (or less!) in a given city.