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Recent content by Aaron

  1. Aaron

    Caribbean Cruise, 2007-2008

    Thank you for your comments and tips! We have actually discussed the topic a bit more, and are going to see if we can work a cruise in for Spring Break next Year (2007). again, Caribbean is the destination choice, and we voted on Eastern Caribbean. I personally wanted Southern, but if this...
  2. Aaron

    Caribbean Cruise, 2007-2008

    Hello everyone, We are interested in booking a cruise for the 2007-2008 Winter Season, perhaps for New Years cruise in 2007. We would like a cruise that is over 7 nights, however, not too expensive in price. We would be booking Balcony Cabins, as we are hooked on them!;) Another major...
  3. Aaron

    If I could change or add one Thing

    I would say make the ship "all-inclusive" like the resorts in the tropical places. It bugs me with the extra cost items onboard all the ships nowadays. I would also like to see more single cabins, for the reason of cost. And finally, I'd like to see wider cabins. Sometimes they are simply...
  4. Aaron

    Miscellaneous Bridgecams

    Two interesting captures today: Galaxy Cam: And Century: hahaha, I guess the Century upgrade must not of done anything to help the cruise, members are lining up to jump ship! :P
  5. Aaron

    Celebrity orders third new build -

    Hopefully we can see at least one of these ships in Alaska in Vancouver:)
  6. Aaron

    Celebrity orders third new build -

    EXCELLENT news! I love this! I will be sure to sail these ships! Celebrity "big" ships. two things i like most! :D Still no pictures I take it?
  7. Aaron

    Ship Simulator

    Well, i know I for one will be buying this game upon release. I've been waiting years for microsoft to come out with a ship simulator. It looks good to me, hopefully there are many Cruise ships! :D
  8. Aaron

    Celebrity Equinox/Solstice

    Hey everyone, I was wonderding if any graphics has been released about the two newbuilds yet? Surely construction will begin soon, perhaps at the end of this year, or early next year, so they must have SOME pictures!:pray: I'm really looking forward to these ships!
  9. Aaron

    Cruise Photos

    Hi everyone, hope all is well! I've set up a Webshots album with pictures I've taken of various Cruise Ships, and thought I should show you all! I'll be taking more as the summer progresses, and I'm hoping to get quite the collection! Enjoy...
  10. Aaron

    Holland America

    Has anyone sailed HAL's Vista Class Ships? What can we expect? How do HAL and the Zuiderdam compare to RCI and Princess?
  11. Aaron

    Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas 5/15/06

    Oh WOW Charlie!:joy: What an excellent report! Very thorough too, especially for a one night! :clap: Unfortunately, this makes me all the more eager to sail Freedom ASAP! We love RCI, and the Big ships too, so this looks to be our perfect cup of tea! :mrgreen:
  12. Aaron

    Freedom of the Seas

    Is freedom going to be on TV at all?
  13. Aaron

    Pacific Coastal Cruises

    Thank you all for the wonderful information! We shall now have to discuss it over, and decide on what we'd like to do. I do know we have a few "fair-weather" sailors8) Aaron.
  14. Aaron

    Pacific Coastal Cruises

    Hello All! Our "Group" in which i have successfully baited to the cruise bug, are now exploring the option of a Cruise and stay on the Pacific Coast, in Spring 2007. Has anyone done any coastal cruises before? Does anyone have any Ship suggestions, or possible ports not-to-be-missed?;)...
  15. Aaron

    Freedom of the Seas

    thanks SO much Mike! the pictures are great! she is indeed a beautiful ship! :joy: