Do You Need to Buy the Internet Package on Royal Caribbean?

When I first began planning my Royal Caribbean vacation, one of the questions that came to mind was whether or not to purchase their Internet package. I know that staying connected while on vacation is essential for many people, including myself, and I wondered how necessary it would be during my cruise.

Do you have to buy the Internet package on Royal Caribbean?, Do you get free internet on Royal Caribbean Suite?, Is it worth it to buy Wi-Fi on a cruise?, How does Wi-Fi package work on cruise?, Can you share a Wi-Fi package on a cruise?, How much is the Internet on Royal Caribbean?,

I soon learned that Royal Caribbean offers two tiers of WiFi packages: Surf and Surf & Stream. While access to the Royal Caribbean app is free without an internet package, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of buying the WiFi plan according to your own needs and preferences.

In my case, I needed to decide if I wanted to have faster and more reliable internet access for streaming or just basic browsing, and how important it would be to stay connected during my time at sea.

In the following paragraphs, I’ll share my thoughts on this topic and help you make a more informed decision about whether to purchase the Internet package on Royal Caribbean.

The Importance of Internet on a Cruise

Do you have to buy the Internet package on Royal Caribbean?,
Do you get free internet on Royal Caribbean Suite?,
Is it worth it to buy Wi-Fi on a cruise?,
How does Wi-Fi package work on cruise?,
Can you share a Wi-Fi package on a cruise?,
How much is the Internet on Royal Caribbean?,

When I first booked my Royal Caribbean cruise, I wondered if I should purchase an internet package. Being connected to the internet is essential for staying in touch with family and friends, checking work emails, and sharing my travel experiences on social media.

After some research, I found out what it’s like to use the internet on a cruise ship and why it might be important for me.

One of the biggest reasons I considered getting an internet package is because I wanted to communicate with my loved ones while I was away. Without an internet connection, I would not be able to send messages, make video calls, or share pictures of my experiences with them.

An internet package would essentially bridge the distance between us. On Royal Caribbean ships, the internet allows access to popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, so sharing my cruise moments would not be an issue source.

Another reason I needed internet access on the cruise is that I wanted to stay updated on important information and news throughout my trip. Having access to the internet would allow me to quickly check my emails, catch up on the news, or read about travel updates related to my destinations.

In addition, I realized that the lack of internet could be inconvenient for something as simple as making dinner reservations or booking excursions on the ship. Fortunately, Royal Caribbean offers online services through their smartphone app, making the process much smoother with an internet connection on board source.

While I understand that some people prefer to completely disconnect while on vacation, for me, being able to access the internet on a cruise ship is an important way to stay connected and informed, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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Internet Package Options on Royal Caribbean

Internet Package Options on Royal Caribbean

When I cruised with Royal Caribbean, I realized there were a couple of Wi-Fi package options available. Let me share my experience navigating those options.

Voom Surf and Stream

I found that Royal Caribbean offers a high-speed internet package referred to as Voom Surf and Stream. This package is perfect for travelers like me who need reliable and fast internet access to stream videos, make video calls, and stay connected on social media. The ease of connecting was simple:

  • Log on to the network “royal-wifi” using my device
  • Open a web browser and attempt to visit any website

I appreciated the “stem to stern” coverage this package provided, allowing me to stay connected anywhere on the ship, including my stateroom.

Voom Surf Package

Voom Surf Package Royal Caribbean Cruise

For those who only require basic internet access, Royal Caribbean also offers a Voom Surf Package. This is a more budget-friendly option that only includes surfing on the internet, checking emails, and messaging. It does not support video calls or streaming services. The connection process is the same as for the Voom Surf and Stream package.

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During my cruise, I discovered that the Royal Caribbean app did not require purchasing an internet package to use. Access to the app was free, and I could use it by simply connecting my device to the ship’s Wi-Fi.

In summary, Royal Caribbean offered two different Wi-Fi package options for me to choose from, depending on my internet needs during my cruise. With Voom Surf and Stream for streaming and video calls, or Voom Surf Package for more basic web browsing, I was able to stay connected throughout my cruise experience.

Pricing and Package Details

Pricing and Package Details Royal Caribbean Cruise Internet.jpg

When I was researching the Internet packages available on Royal Caribbean, I found out that they offer a service called VOOM. VOOM is their high-speed Wi-Fi service that allows you to surf the web, send emails, post on social media, and even video chat.

There are two types of packages that you could choose from:

  • Surf: This package allows basic Internet access, including browsing, messaging, and social media.
  • Surf + Stream: This package includes everything in the Surf package but with added capability for video streaming services, allowing you to watch your favorite movies, shows, and music.

I discovered that the pricing is based on the number of devices and the type of package purchased. While onboard prices can vary, it’s recommended to purchase VOOM pre-cruise to get the best discount.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the pricing I found during my research:

  • For a family of 4, the Surf + Stream package could cost around $19.99 per person per day, which totals to $79.96 per day for the entire family.
  • On another sailing, the 24-hour Internet passes were priced at $25.99 for the Surf package and $32.99 for the Surf & Stream service.

Of course, these prices can change, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest rates before your cruise. Keep in mind that some Royal Caribbean ships also offer complimentary WiFi access to guests in Star or Sky Class suites on Oasis and Quantum Class ships.

How to Purchase Internet Packages

How to Purchase Internet Packages on a Royal Caribbean Cruise

Before Your Cruise

To purchase an internet package before your cruise, I usually log in to Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Planner and navigate to “Internet & More.” This is where I can find the Voom internet service options. From my experience, the packages are generally cheaper when bought before sailing, which is a big plus for me.

There are two tiers of WiFi packages I can choose from: Surf or Surf & Stream. Each one offers different levels of connectivity and pricing depending on my needs. I typically consider my internet usage during the cruise before deciding which package to purchase.

Onboard Your Cruise

Once I’m on the cruise, I can still buy an internet package if I haven’t pre-purchased it. However, the costs might be slightly higher compared to pre-purchasing. To activate my prepaid internet plan, all I need to do is log on to the WiFi network onboard the ship. Then, I can see the prepaid plan, and activate it.

Remember, when using the Royal Caribbean app, I do not need to purchase an internet package. Access to the app is free without one, which is a great way to stay informed about onboard activities and events without worrying about extra fees.

By following these steps and considering my internet usage needs, I can purchase the most suitable package and stay connected while having an enjoyable vacation in Royal Caribbean.

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Is It Worth Buying an Internet Package

Do you have to buy the Internet package on Royal Caribbean?, Do you get free internet on Royal Caribbean Suite?, Is it worth it to buy Wi-Fi on a cruise?, How does Wi-Fi package work on cruise?, Can you share a Wi-Fi package on a cruise?, How much is the Internet on Royal Caribbean?,

Considering Travel Duration

When I think about whether or not to buy an internet package on Royal Caribbean, I first consider the length of my trip. For instance, if I’m going on a short weekend cruise, it might not be that necessary for me to stay connected. However, for longer voyages, having access to the internet can be essential, especially if I need to keep in touch with people back home or handle anything for work while on vacation.

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Additionally, I find it helpful to know that Royal Caribbean offers two tiers of WiFi packages on its cruise ships: Surf or Surf & Stream. I can choose the package that best suits my budget and internet needs based on my travel duration.

Balancing Connectivity and Relaxation

Besides considering my trip’s duration, it’s important for me to strike a balance between staying connected and enjoying my vacation. I try to remind myself that sometimes it’s okay to unplug and allow myself to fully relax and take in the beautiful surroundings.

If I need occasional access to the internet, I remember that Royal Caribbean provides free access to their app that I can utilize without an internet package. However, if having constant access to high-speed internet is important to me, the slower-speed version of Voom may be more cost-effective at $19.99 per day for one device. There are also discounts for adding more devices and purchasing the package online before the sailing.

In the end, I make my decision about purchasing an internet package by weighing the benefits and drawbacks, the length of my trip, and how important it is for me to maintain a constant connection to the world beyond my cruise.

I hope this helps you consider whether you need to buy an Internet package on Royal Caribbean. Happy cruising!

Free Internet Alternatives

Free Internet Alternatives in a Royal Caribbean Cruise

When I was researching my options for staying connected on my Royal Caribbean Cruise, I found out that Royal Caribbean offers free internet access through their app without needing to buy an internet package. The app allowed me to access cruise-related information and features but not surf the web or check email.

Another way I discovered to get free internet on a Royal Caribbean cruise is by booking a Sky Class or Star Class Suite. In these high-end suites, free Voom internet is provided as a perk.

If you’re like me and aren’t staying in a top-tier suite, there are still a few strategies for finding free internet while on a cruise. One trick I used was to search for free Wi-Fi hotspots whenever the ship docked in a port. Many local shops, cafes, and tourist hubs offered complimentary Wi-Fi access.

  • Use Royal Caribbean’s app for free cruise-related information
  • Book a Sky Class or Star Class Suite for complimentary internet
  • Search for Wi-Fi hotspots in port cities

Lastly, I found it helpful to plan ahead and pre-download any essential emails or documents before embarking on the cruise since onboard internet access can be pricey. By using these free internet alternatives, I was able to stay connected without breaking the bank.

Can You Share a Wi-Fi Package on a Cruise?

When it comes to staying connected at sea, purchasing an internet package on Royal Caribbean might seem like the best option. But what if you’re traveling with someone else or a group? Can you share a Wi-Fi package on a cruise? The short answer is no, you cannot officially share a Wi-Fi package on Royal Caribbean.

Each internet package is tied to a specific user account and cannot be transferred or split between multiple devices or users. This means if you and your traveling companion both want to use the internet, you will need to purchase separate packages or take turns logging in and out of the same account.

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However, there are some ways to make the most out of a single internet package. For example, you could use the package on one device at a time and use offline modes or download content to save data when not connected. You could also opt for a package with more data and share it between multiple devices to avoid running out of data too quickly.

It’s also worth noting that some Royal Caribbean ships offer free Wi-Fi in select areas, such as the library or certain restaurants. However, it is usually limited in speed and data usage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Internet Packages on Royal Caribbean

Do You Need to Buy the Internet Package on Royal Caribbean?

Do You Need to Buy the Internet Package on Royal Caribbean?

It depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you want to stay connected with your loved ones, work, or social media, then you may find it necessary to purchase an internet package. However, if you prefer to have a digital detox and enjoy your vacation without any distractions, then you may not need to buy the internet package.

Can I Use the Internet on My Mobile Device?

Can I Use the Internet on My Mobile Device on a royal caribbean cruise?

Yes, you can use the internet on your mobile device by connecting to the ship’s Wi-Fi network. You can purchase the internet package or internet minutes on your mobile device, and you can also use the Royal Caribbean app to access the internet and stay connected with the ship’s activities and services.


In my experience, deciding whether to buy an Internet package on Royal Caribbean truly depends on individual preferences and needs. As someone who enjoys staying connected during my trips, I have found the VOOM Wi-Fi to be fast and effective for staying in touch with family and friends. Plus, the convenience of having internet access on the ship is a big advantage for me.

However, I have met other cruisers who prefer to disconnect and fully immerse themselves in the cruise experience. For those who don’t necessarily need constant access to the internet, waiting to connect at the various ports might be sufficient. Many places you visit will have Wi-Fi available, allowing you to check in with loved ones or share your experiences on social media.

Keep in mind that the Royal Caribbean app can be used without having an internet package, so you won’t need to worry about roaming charges or using your own mobile data. This helps you navigate the ship, plan activities, and make reservations without any issues.

Overall, it’s essential to weigh the costs and benefits of purchasing an internet package based on your personal preferences and habits. If you’re someone who values staying connected, the investment might be worth it. But if you’re content with occasional access at port stops and using the ship’s app for information, you may not need the additional expense.

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