Disney Cruise Line Gratuities: Essential Tipping Guide for Your Next Adventure

Embarking on a Disney Cruise Line vacation is an exciting adventure filled with magical experiences and unforgettable moments. One important aspect to consider while planning your voyage is understanding the gratuities and tipping process onboard. Gratuities are a customary way to recognize exceptional service, and Disney Cruise Line offers an automatic system to help make this aspect stress-free for its guests.

Disney Cruise Line recommends a gratuity amount of $14.50 USD per night, per stateroom guest, regardless of age. These gratuities are automatically charged to your onboard account at the end of the cruise, unless you’ve decided to prepay or remove them. The allocated tips are then distributed to the crew members who cater to your needs during your stay, ensuring their hard work and dedication to providing outstanding service is appreciated.

Knowing how the gratuities system works on a Disney Cruise Line vacation allows you to better plan your expenses and ensure you’re prepared for all aspects of your trip. With this knowledge in hand, you can focus on enjoying the wonderful memories and experiences that await you on your magical voyage.

Understanding Disney Cruise Line Gratuities

Gratuity Basics

Disney Cruise Line offers exceptional service on their cruises, and it is customary to give gratuities in recognition of this service. These gratuities are given to crew members who attend to your needs during your cruise, such as dining room servers, stateroom attendants, and other service staff.

You can choose to pre-pay your gratuities before your cruise or have them automatically charged to your onboard account during your cruise. If you prefer, you can also give cash tips in individual envelopes to the crew members directly. Just make sure to inform your travel agent or Guest Services about your chosen method (source: MagicGuides).

How Gratuities Are Calculated

Disney Cruise Line recommends a gratuity amount of $14.50 per person per night for guests staying in standard staterooms (source: Disney Cruise Line). To calculate the total amount your family should pay for gratuities, use the following formula:

$14.50 x Number of People in Cabin x Length of Cruise = Total Amount Owed

For example, a family of four taking a seven-night cruise would owe $406 in gratuities (source: MomsPlanItVacationBlog).

If you are staying in a concierge stateroom, Disney Cruise Line suggests a gratuity amount of $15.50 per person per day (source: EverythingMouse).

How to Pay and Adjust Gratuities

Disney Cruise Line recommends a gratuity amount of $14.50 USD per night, per stateroom guest, including infants and children. These gratuities are distributed to the crew members who take care of you during your cruise, such as the dining room server, dining room assistant server, dining room head server, and stateroom host1.

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Methods of Payment

There are two main methods to pay the suggested gratuity:

  1. Pay in advance: You can choose to pay the suggested gratuity in advance by contacting Disney Cruise Line or your travel agent no later than 3 days before your cruise begins.
  2. Automatic gratuity: Alternatively, you can pay by having the suggested gratuity automatically added to your onboard account prior to the end of your cruise1.

Adjusting Gratuity Amounts

It’s essential to understand that gratuity amounts are merely recommended. You have the option to adjust them according to your satisfaction with the services received. To adjust the gratuity amounts, visit the Guest Services desk onboard the ship. The staff will be able to assist you in modifying the gratuity amount to better reflect your experience.

Remember, these adjustments should be made before the end of your cruise, as they are charged to your onboard account. Considering your experience and evaluating the services provided, you can opt to increase, decrease, or maintain the suggested gratuity amount.

Gratuity Guidelines for Special Services

Spa and Salon Services

While enjoying the various spa and salon services onboard a Disney Cruise Line ship, it’s essential to understand the gratuity guidelines. It is customary to tip your spa or salon therapist if you’re pleased with their service. Most cruise lines, Disney Cruise Line included, add a 15-20% gratuity to the bill for services in these areas, so it is always good to check your receipt to ensure you are properly acknowledging the staff’s efforts.


When ordering beverages on a Disney Cruise Line, be aware that a 15% gratuity is automatically added to all beverage purchases made in restaurants, bars, poolside, and even on the beach at Castaway Cay. This means you can enjoy your cocktails or other drinks without worrying about calculating a separate tip for the bartender or server. It’s important to note that the automatic 15% gratuity applies to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


Disney Cruise Line recommends a gratuity amount of $14.50 per person per night for your dining experience. This amount is distributed among your dining room server, assistant server, and head server. You can choose to pre-pay these gratuities or have them automatically added to your onboard account. Of course, if you feel that the service you received during your dining experiences warrants additional gratuities, you are welcome to provide the extra amount to the dining team members at your discretion.

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Tips for First-Time Cruisers

Budgeting for Gratuities

One of the most important aspects of planning a Disney Cruise is setting aside enough money for gratuities. The current recommended amount is $14.50 per person, per night for non-concierge staterooms1. To calculate your total gratuity fee, simply multiply this amount by the number of people in your party and the number of nights you’ll be on the cruise.

For example, a three-night cruise with two people would have a total gratuity fee of:

  • $14.50 x 2 people x 3 nights = $87

It’s also essential to consider additional gratuities if you’re staying in a concierge stateroom. Disney Cruise Line suggests an extra $8.00 per stateroom guest per night2. A family of four on a seven-night cruise would tip the Concierge team:

  • $8.00 x 4 people x 7 nights = $224

Consider these amounts when planning your spending, as they help ensure that the hardworking crew members receive adequate compensation for their excellent service.

Knowing When to Tip Extra

While the recommended gratuity amounts cover most of the services you’ll receive, there might be times during your cruise when you feel compelled to tip extra. For instance, if a crew member goes above and beyond to make your experience memorable, it’s appropriate to provide an additional gratuity3.

Some situations where an extra tip might be warranted include exceptional service at a specialty restaurant or a spa treatment that goes beyond your expectations. When deciding whether to tip extra, consider your personal experience and the level of service you received.

Remember, tipping is, ultimately, about acknowledging and rewarding the hard work of the crew members who make your Disney Cruise Line experience unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I budget for gratuities per day on a Disney cruise?

It is customary to give gratuities in recognition of exceptional service on a Disney cruise. The recommended gratuity amount is $14.50 USD per night, per stateroom Guest, including infants and children. This figure was updated in July 2022 to reflect the current standard.

Can I pre-pay for gratuities on a Disney cruise, and how?

Yes, you can pre-pay for gratuities on a Disney cruise. To do so, you may contact Disney Cruise Line at least three days before your sailing and arrange for your gratuities to be charged to the credit card on file. This option allows you to pay the gratuities in advance, streamlining the tipping process during your vacation.

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Are there any recommendations for tipping Concierge staff?

Tipping Concierge staff is discretionary and should be based on the level of service you receive during your cruise. There is no set amount for tipping Concierge staff, but you may consider giving an additional amount above the standard gratuities as a token of appreciation for their personalized service and assistance.

What’s the process for using Disney cruise tip envelopes?

Disney cruise tip envelopes are available at the Guest Services Desk onboard the ship. You can use these envelopes to provide cash tips to crew members who have provided exceptional service during your cruise. It is customary to write the crew member’s name, position, and your stateroom number on the envelope and then insert the cash gratuity. You may personally hand the envelopes to the crew members, usually on the last night of your cruise.

Do I need to tip additionally if I’ve prepaid gratuities?

Prepaid gratuities cover the basic service provided by your stateroom host, dining room servers, and other staff. However, if you feel that a crew member provided exceptional service beyond what is covered by the prepaid gratuities, you may choose to give an additional cash tip using the Disney cruise tip envelopes mentioned earlier.

What is the protocol if I’m not satisfied with the service and don’t want to tip?

If you are not satisfied with the service and do not wish to provide the recommended gratuities, you may visit the Guest Services Desk onboard the ship and request an adjustment to the gratuity amounts. It is essential to provide feedback about the service issues you encountered during your cruise so that Disney Cruise Line can address your concerns and ensure a better experience for future guests.


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